Pan of Zi Zhong Jiang

Early Spring and Autumn Period
Height: 18cm
Mouth diameter: 45cm
Weight: 12.4kg

It is a broad and shallow water vessel, with two thick upright handles attached to the belly. The outside wall of this Pan is adorned with horizontal S-shaped metamorphosed animal designs. Two dragons with curved horns scramble over the mouth rim, stretching their heads downward, seemingly for a better look at the inside scene. The two handles and the two dragons stand diagonally on the mouth rim. Inside the Pan, some fish, frogs and tortoises are carved in low relief at the bottom. There are other fish, frogs and tortoises carved in the round. Each has an axis fixed to the bottom and can circle around the axis 360 degrees. All the animals seem to come to life when the Pan is filled with water. It also has an inscription of 32 characters in 6 lines, which tells that this vessel is made by an official of Jin State for his wife Zhong Jiang.