Ruyi Wired by 80%-Gold Thread


Qing Dynasty
Length: 42.7cm
Handle width: 5.4cm
Maximum width of the head: 11.3cm

Made with a wooden base inside, the ruyi is wired in gold thread of 80% gold. The front of the head is decorated with gold wired coin patterns, with inlaid turquoises forming two characters - "yiyou" (meaning "the twenty-second year of a sixty-year cycle of Chinese calendar") in the center. The back is adorned with coin patterns in openwork, revealing the wooden base. The front of the handle is also adorned with coin patterns, with turquoises forming four characters, "wannian ruyi", meaning "eternal happiness". The back of the handle is adorned with gold wired hexagonal decorative patterns. Both sides of the ruyi are decorated with curled grass motifs.

The ruyi is one of the 60-piece set. Made with elaborate and superb craftsmanship, it is a typical art work of Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty.