Seal Box of 80% Gold

Qing Dynasty
Box Height: 27.6cm
Body Diameter: 24.5cm
Pad Height: 9.7cm
Pad Diameter: 20.3cm

This set of seal tools includes a seal box and a pad inside, both of which are made of alloy of 80% gold. The box is square and the lid is in the shape of an arched trapezoid. The pad is placed inside the box, with its edge turned outward. It is used for holding the seal. There's a buckle on the front side of the box for opening and closing the box. Four handles are fixed to each side for attaching strings.

The seals used by the Qing Dynasty emperors and empresses were all placed in pads and boxes, which were placed in another box made of rare wood. The pad, seal box and wooden box made a perfect set for seal keeping.