Shi Huan Gui

Food vessel, Late Western Zhou Dynasty
Height: 27cm
Mouth diameter: 22.5cm
Base diameter: 24.3cm
Weight: 9.18kg

Standing on three animal-shaped feet, this large Gui has a broad belly. Two striking dragon-shaped handles with pendants are symmetrically fixed to the belly. The lower part of the cover and the upper part of the belly are decorated with interlaced animal-eye patterns. The other parts of the cover and the belly are encircled with horizontal string patterns. The following is the main idea about the 117-character inscriptions both inside the belly and on the cover: The Yi tribes in the Huai River region rebelled and Shi Huan was commissioned to suppress them. Shi Huan led an allied force, defeated four captains of the riots and returned triumphantly. These are very important historical records about the political and economic relations between the royal house and the regional tribes in that period.