Silver Pot with a Lifting Beam


Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty
Height: 10.2cm
Mouth diameter: 3.2cm

The oblate pot has a bulging belly, flat bottom, round lid and a short and small spout. There's a dragon-shaped small lifting beam on top of the mouth, which is connected to the lid by a press button. The lid can be opened by pressing the button. The shiny pot is smooth and unadorned, with a six-character date mark of "Yongzheng Period, Great Qing Dynasty" in seal script vertically chiseled in the middle of the pot bottom. On the left of the date mark, there's a four-character inscription "kuang yin cheng zao", which means "made with silver".

The pot is small and of elegant workmanship, with an exquisitely-designed dragon-shaped lifting beam. What's unique about the pot is its creative opening button. If you don't know about it, you'll find it hard to open the pot. The pot may be unadorned, but it looks special. It is a masterpiece of sliver articles in Yongzheng Period of the Qing Dynasty.