Square Yi of Shi Ju

Wine vessel
King Gong's Reign of Western Zhou Dynasty
Height: 16.4cm

The inscriptions on this Yi's body and lid, totaling sixty-six characters, made it known that Shi Ju helped King Gong with a sacrifice ritual in the chamber of Palace Kang. Shi Ju then offered presents as a tribute to the King. The King ordered his minister to grant Shi Ju with jade Gui and Zhang. Shi Ju had this Yi cast to express his appreciation for the King's kindness.

The square Yi's lid shows a rafter roof framework. A wall in the middle separates the vessel into two rooms, in which two different kinds of wine can be stored. Accordingly there are two rectangular openings on the lid for scooping up the wine by ladles. This Yi is also rare for its proboscislike handles on both sides.