White Jade Bowl with Gold Tall Leg and Cover Adorned with Carved Patterns


Qing Dynasty
Height: 26cm
Diameter: 14.5cm

This vessel is composed of three parts: gold base, jade bowl and gold bowl cover. The base, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, is relatively tall and has a loop leg. The surface of the base is adorned with intertwined lotus flowers and several rows of ruyi motifs in embossment as well as turquoise-embedded Chinese crabapple flowers and lucky clouds. On top of the base, there's a round tray with double ball patterns and edged with turquoises. The inside of the tray is polished and the polished area is adorned with interlocked branch patterns and inlaid with turquoises. The middle of the tray is a round bowl holder, which is engraved with intertwined lotus flowers and embedded with turquoise plum flowers.

The bowl is made of jade that is as white as grease. The round bowl is unadorned outside and has Tibetan words chiseled inside. There's the date mark of "Qianlong Period" at the bottom. The bowl cover is tall and has a broad edge, with a bump in the middle. It is adorned with interlocked lotus motifs and embedded with turquoise pieces. There are lotus petal motifs hammered and carved on the top, which has a bud-shaped button.

There are a wide variety of covered bowls used in the Qing Dynasty court, but a creation like this combining gold and jade is rare. This bowl is made of top quality jade with masterful gold techniques, integrating the base, bowl and cover. It is a practical utensil and a good ornament as well.