Ya Fu Square Lei

Wine vessel, Late Shang Dyansty
Height: 53cm
Weight: 29.68kg
Mouth diameter: 17.2 * 20.1cm

Inscriptions engraved on the neck reveal the owner's family emblem is "Ya Fu", which is attributed to the article as its name.

The Lei has magnificent designs around the body that are of great artistic value. Eight flanges on four sides and central lines of each facet stick out. Beast ears are on its shoulders and a beast head handle is on the lower belly. A phoenix is decorated on the neck, a dragon on the shoulder and a projecting beast mask in the middle. On its belly, there are three decorative sections: a bird pattern on the upper part, an animal mask motif with horns and flashing saberlike teeth on the middle, and another animal mask motif on the lower part. The base is circled with a bird pattern.

Ya Fu Square Lei is a masterpiece among Shang Dynasty's bronze artifacts and represents the advancement of bronze art and casting techniques in the zenith stage of the Bronze Age of China.