Zhu Yawen portrays negative role in 'The Witness'

Zhu Yawen, nominee as the best actor for Red Sorghum at the 2015 Shanghai TV Festival, has also showed up in an upcoming film, which is a joint production between China and South Korea.

Zhu Yawen plays an abnormal killer in Film 'The Witness'.

"I would embrace this character, and when I stepped into the role, I tried to see everything from the killer's perspective. By contrast, I would let myself understand and accept his personality to better get myself into this role. I would always indicate to myself that I'm not brutal, and all that I've done is all right and has no mistake at all."

Zhu Yawen acts the murderer in the movie, which is about a blind girl and young boy who accidentally become the witnesses of a rainy night kidnapping and collaborate to hunt down the murderer.

Chinese actress Yang Mi plays the blind girl while the country's top popular entertainment star Lu Han acts as the young boy.

Meanwhile, Lu Han also sings the theme song for the Film.

And so far, drawing considerable public attention, the movie is due for release on October 30th.