A festivals finish with a Chinese touch

As this years Vienna film festival, the Viennale, is winding down there are some Chinese movies that are bundled into the last three days of the festival that are well worth mentioning.

There are Nie yin niang by Hou Hsiao-hsien, Huang jin shi dai by Ann Hui, Xiu chun dao by Lu Yang and Shan he gu ren by Jia Zhangke.

All four of these exceptional feature movies distinguish themselves in being different than regular movies of their genre. Superior storytelling techniques, immensely beautiful movie language and astonishing acting makes these movies worthwhile.

Nie yin niang made a memorable entrance into the cinema world in the Cannes film festival and continues to intrigue in Vienna with its poetic language of cinema that transcends regular martial arts movies.

Huang jin shi dai, as a biopic of the famous Chinese poet Xiao Hong, describes in similarly poetic fashion the tumultuous time of Xiao Hong's life.

Xiu chun dao is another historical martial arts movie that wins over its audience by way of fantastically choreographed fighting scenes, but even more so by the all too human flaw of being corruptible and its effects on three brothers in arms.

Shan he gu ren, a story that reaches from the past beyond the present day and dives into a complicated family, is arguably one of the most important movies so far by director Jia Zhangke, say critics.

The Viennale 2015 takes place from Oct. 22 till Nov. 5, which is Austria's important international film event, as well as one of the oldest and best-known festivals in the German-speaking world.

This might be a sign that Chinese cinema in general has somehow found its voice and will continue to awe its audience with beautifully crafted movies.

Every October, the Viennale takes place in cinemas in Vienna's historic center, providing the festival with an international orientation and a distinctive urban flair. A high percentage of the more than 96,000 visitors to the festival from Austria and abroad is made up of a decidedly young audience.