Dynasty Art Gallery

Dynasty Art Gallery

Dynasty Art Group found in March 1984, is one of the largest print-wholesalers in Taiwan.

For the past twenty years, we have been a leader in the industry we involved and responsible for a trend that could fresh and renew market's energy for quite while.

You may say that Dynasty was a pioneer since she had suggested a new idea that can help conduct a business professionally for each type of poster shop. Now, we have about thousands of our basic clients recorded on our files, including office, hotels, entertainments, and individuals and so on.

In order to encourage people to increase the interest of appreciating Fine Art works and help them make a right decision while considering to take a collection at first time, we would always be good adviser and provide them with the useful information they need.

In 1991, Dynasty finally had it own gallery displaying only oil paintings by it distributed painters from Mainland China. It proves that we are capable of going for our next big target.

Just like Mr. Liu said, the leader of Dynasty Art Group, "Just do whatever you want for your dream, your future and your whole life" It would never be a bad choice to spend your whole time working with everything about Art.

Add: 1F, No.41 Leli Road, Taipei 106, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2377 0838
Fax: 886-2-2377 4030

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