Ke Center for Contemporary Arts

 Ke Center for Contemporary Arts

The site of Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts used to belong to Shanghai Daming Rubber Factory which was built in 1960s.

As designed, Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts occupies a total floor space of 1,200 square meters. The three-storey building is consisted of three venues, namely, KeSpace, KeStore and KeFresh.

KeSpace is to hold visual art and performances.

KeStore provides books of art, albums, individual art products and multimedia visual or audio products.

KeFresh occupies the quiet sun terrace over-viewing the lake. With creative and healthy refreshments, KeFresh welcomes the most unique guests to interact with performers on a small-scale stage.

Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts is a comprehensive art center, featuring all forms and categories of art.

We will organize performances on a regular base, ranging from opera, concert and dancing. And we will also hold exhibitions frequently, including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance art. Our mission is to provide a platform of communication and interaction for all the artists and everyone who loves art.

Add: No.613 Kaixuan Rd. (close to West Yan'an Rd.)
Tel: 86-21-6131 3080
Fax: 86-21-6131 3080 - 221

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