Taiwanese bookstore opens first mainland outlet

Bibliophiles in east China's Suzhou City have a welcome new addition to the retail landscape after Taiwanese Eslite Bookstore on Sunday opened its first mainland store.

The flagship four-story shop is on the banks of Jinji Lake in Suzhou. In addition to its collection of over 500,000 books, it also sells handicrafts, jewelry and kitchen ware.

The open-all-hours bookstore is a popular destination in Taiwan for mainland travellers.

Robert Wu, founder and chair of Eslite, said the store was a fine example of cross-Strait cultural exchange.

The bookstore also has a cooking studio, a visual lab, a tea house and a lecture room.

The shop features a special section for local books and artwork.

Eslite was established in Taipei in 1989 with a focus on art and humanities publications. It has 43 branches in Taiwan.