06 Space

 06 Space

06 Space was founded in 2006 and is conceived in this Art Age. 06 Space's showroom, designed by itself, creates the top-grade exhibition hall which is in line with second to none environment facilities and cover 800 square meter. The aim is to provide the artist, collector and artwork investor a place of an internationalized communication space. The gallery has enlarged by our period of time of effort, the art gallery owned initial of business mode.

06 Space, 800qm, located at Guan Yin Tang in Beijing, the very first gallery venue in China, seeks for any cooperation.

Add: No.76-77, A.2, Wangsiying town, Chaoyang District, Beijing
E-mail: gallery.2006@yahoo.com.cn
Tel : +8610 8739 4201
Fax: +8610 8739 4211
Mr. Peng Yonghua

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