1918 ArtSPACE

1918 ArtSPACE

1918 ArtSPACE was established in 2004 in Shanghai. In 2009, 1918 ArtSPACE settled down at N.20 on Moganshan Road, a well-known art district of Shanghai, occupying a new-built building including a two-storey exhibition space of 420 sqm and a spacious terrace on the third floor. 1918 ArtSPACE is available to all types of contemporary art and culture-related events, exhibitions and performances.

The basis and focus for art and culture-related events at 1918 ArtSPACE is the work of Chinese contemporary artists, while at the same time looking to embrace the international art world, by uniting the best work of Chinese and foreign artists to engage in a creative dialogue and exchange art and culture.

1918 ArtSPACE's regular art exhibits are focusing on Chinese contemporary painting, photography, video, film and various other mediums. 1918 ArtSPACE hopes to promote and further the development and recognition of its young, up-and-coming artists, helping them to participate in international art fairs and biennales, increasing their media exposure, competing in International art competitions, and raising the overall profile and international recognition of 1918 ArtSPACE and the artists we represent.

1918 ArtSPACE's goal is also to provide a fresh and exciting venue for experimental art forms and exhibitions by mixing various mediums and concepts in new ways, such as blending ideas from culture, art, photography, and design (graphic design, stage design, interior design) with relevant commercial concepts and commercial events. To cater to the needs of these sorts of events, 1918ArtSPACE is equipped to provide the most creative and professional service in order to give the viewer or participant a most Interesting experience.

1918 ArtSPACE also advises private and institutional collectors of Chinese contemporary art and helps to build entire collections.

Add: No.20 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-6276 9100
Fax: 86-21-6276 9100
E-mail: info@1918artspace.com

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