3818 Cool Gallery

3818 Cool Gallery

The 3818 Cool Gallery, housed in the space of a converted factory warehouse, is located among the complex of galleries in the Dashanzi Art District , otherwise known as Factory 798. Factory 798 has become famous as the 21 st century hotbed of independent Contemporary Chinese Art. The 3818 Cool Gallery contributes to this hip, industrial site of independent art with its own distinctive style, artistic ambience and unique inter-space structure, as well as its regular exhibitions.

3818 Cool Gallery has made its reputation promoting cutting-edge contemporary Chinese artists. Our exhibitions seek to showcase works that excel both in terms of originality and technical virtuosity. Our exhibitions feature a panoply of artistic genres and styles, providing a space in which contemporary artists can communicate with society. In addition, the gallery had developed a close-knit network of foreign gallery and agency partnerships, fostering cultural exchange on the global scale.

The area of the exhibition hall is about 220 square meters, which can to be used to hold exhibitions featuring a vast array of artistic media, ranging from paintings, film, photography, to multi-media art. The 3818 Cool Gallery welcomes outstanding domestic and foreign artists to exhibit their works here, and appreciates the enthusiast presence generous support of art collectors and art lovers.

Gallery Hours: 10:30am - 6:30pm
Address: 3818 warehouse, 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Telephone: 010 - 86882525, 010 - 84566664
Fax: 010 - 84566664
E-mail: gallery3818@126.com

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