Armour of God(1987)

Armour of God(1987)

Armour of God (龙兄虎弟) is a 1986 Hong Kong martial arts action adventure comedy film written and directed by Jackie Chan, and starring Chan, Alan Tam, Lola Forner and Rosamund Kwan.

The film features Chan's regular kung fu, comedy and stunts, with an Indiana Jones-style theme. Chan came the closest he has ever been to death in this film during a relatively routine stunt; he leaped onto a tree from a ledge, but the branch he grabbed snapped, sending Chan plummeting and cracking his skull.The film was followed by the sequel Armour of God II: Operation Condor in 1991.


Jackie, a.k.a. "Asian Hawk" (Jackie Chan), is a former musician who becomes an adventurer and treasure hunter. After successfully stealing a sword from an African tribe, he has the weapon auctioned before it is won by May Bannon (Lola Forner), the beautiful daughter of Count Bannon (Bozidar Smiljanic). He is reunited with his former band mate Alan (Alan Tam), who seeks his help as his girlfriend Lorelei (Rosamund Kwan) has been kidnapped by an evil religious cult as a means of acquiring Jackie's services. The cult possesses two pieces of a legendary armour called the "Armour of God", and they intend to have Jackie bring them the three remaining armour pieces - including the sword. Jackie and Alan strike a deal with Count Bannon, who is in possession of the three armour pieces; they will borrow the armour pieces for their quest to rescue Lorelei with a promise to complete the armour for the Count, on the condition that May accompanies them.

Jackie, Alan and May travel deep into Eastern Europe to find the cult's monastery. They infiltrate the hideout and secretly rescue Lorelei, unaware that the cult leaders have anticipated their arrival and brainwashed her to do their bidding. At May's rest home, Lorelei drugs Alan and has him steal the three armour pieces. Jackie sneaks back to the monastery and rescues his friends. As Alan and Lorelei make their escape, Jackie fends off against the cult members before discovering the Armour of God in a cave. Before he gets a chance to take the armour, he encounters the Grand Wizard (Ken Boyle), who unleashes his four female assassins on the adventurer. Exploiting their high-heeled shoes as their weakness, Jackie defeats the assassins in a grueling fight. Jackie is then surrounded by the rest of the Grand Wizard's men, but he reveals a vest filled with sticks of dynamite under his jacket, threatening to blow himself up with the monastery. After a couple of bluffs, he carelessly lights up the fuse and throws away the sticks of dynamite, running for his life as the monastery quickly begins to cave in, burying the entire cult and the Armour of God. He runs out of a cave and spots a hot-air balloon with Alan, Lorelei and May aboard. In a daring move, Jackie does a base jump off the cave and lands on top of the balloon.


Jackie Chan as Jackie a.k.a. "Asian Hawk", a treasure hunter and former member of the pop group "The Losers" (an allusion to '70s Cantopop band The Wynners)
Alan Tam as Alan, a former member of The Losers who has moved on to a successful solo career

Lola Forner as May Bannon, the daughter of a powerful European Count

Rosamund Kwan as Lorelei, Alan's girlfriend and a former member of the Losers who is a prominent fashion designer

Bozidar Smiljanic as Count Bannon, May's father

Ken Boyle as Grand Wizard, the leader of the evil religious cult

John Ladalski as Lama

Robert O'Brien as the African witch doctor

Boris Gregoric as Jackie's representative at the auction

Mars (extra) (uncredited)

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