Art Seasons (Beijing)

Art Seasons (Beijing)

Since 2001, Terry Lee and Klaus Hammer have been committed to the careers of young emerging Chinese artists, and consequently opened their Art Seasons Galleries in Singapore, Jakarta, Beijing and Lake Zurich. From the outset, the raison d'être of the gallery group has been to promote and support contemporary Chinese artists, create awareness of the work of South East Asian artists, as well as nurture talented young artists from all over Asia. We respect and seek to understand the creative processes behind the works of our artists, and emphasize cross-cultural exchanges, communication and discourse in order to better represent our artists and their work.

The gallery program focuses on young artists, as it is the gallery owners' goal to give new artists an opportunity to show their works in an international context, not only in China. We are working together with internationally renowned curators and scholars in the field of contemporary Chinese art to organize both monographic exhibitions as well as thematic shows including several artists.

While most of the artists represented by our galleries are painters, some of them have turned to more recent techniques like digital photography, for example. Thus, we are happily enabled to present a variety of mediums such as paintings and photographs, but also sculpture and multimedia artworks.

Art Seasons Galleries consider a number of Asian, US and European collectors as customers and friends, and we put some of our artists' works in both public and private collections worldwide.

Most of the exhibitions at our four galleries are accompanied by catalogues with articles by highly renowned scholars and experts, as we think it highly important to collaborate with art historians and curators to provide our customers with this kind of professional and expertise insight into the art world.

Art Seasons has participated in several important international art fairs, like for example Art Cologne or Art International Zurich, and several art fairs held in Asian countries, such as ARTSingapore, Art Taipei and Beijing CIGE.

P.O. Box 8502, No. 2 Jiu Xian Qiao Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100015 China
Tel: +86 10 6431 1900
Fax: +86 10 6431 1990

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