Asia's 1st Hello Kitty clinic opens in HK

Hello Kitty is here to heal you.
Hello Kitty-themed health care center in Hong Kong [Photo/CRI] 
Asia's first Hello Kitty-themed health care center has opened in Hong Kong.
The facility is decked out from top to bottom with Hello Kitty pictures and imagery.
Nurse Zoe Fung says they went with the Hello Kitty design to try to create a relaxing environment for kids.
"We used the colors white, blue and pink to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. We hope that the kids and their parents who come here will have a positive experience. Even if you're not here to enjoy the service, we hope people will come here to take a look and have a great time," Fung said.
Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character created by a Japanese company in the '70s.
It's since acquired a huge following across Asia, with cafes, shops, various merchandises and even an airplane with the Hello Kitty theme.
The health center in Hong Kong currently offers health exams and vaccinations for infants, children and adults.

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