Back Street 19

Add: East Exit of Guangdong Museum of Art, No. 38, Yanyu Road, Ersha Island (二沙岛烟雨路38号广东美术馆东门)
Tel: 86-20-3759 5239
Fax: 86-20-3759 5239

A big house with top notch wines, special western-style food, jazz performances, live golf contests, rare cigars and oil paintings. What is it?

The house has top notch wines
A club? You are 50% right. The house with name "No.19" is aspired by golf, the sport with only 18 holes. After leaving the golf ground people come to No. 19 for a relaxed visit in an art world.

The house was primarily designed by Japanese famous architect and recently redecorated and reopened. It has 600 square meters, two-stories indoors, and an estimated 400 square meter outdoor garden.

The second-stored indoor
The house focuses on the promotion of contemporary art holds various art exhibitions for irregular durations. Next to the Guangdong Museum of Art, it has a similar art atmosphere to accommodate more contemporary art exhibitions but is more free and unique.

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