Bruce Lee and I(1975)

Bruce Lee and I(1975)

Bruce Lee and I (Chinese: 李小龍與我) (as released in the United States), also known as Lei Siu Lung yi ngo and Bruce Lee: His Last Days, His Last Nights (USA dubbed version.) is a 1976 film about the last days of martial arts star Bruce Lee. Danny Lee stars as Bruce Lee and Betty Ting Pei stars as herself in this movie that is based on Bruce Lee's last days leading up to his death in Pei's apartment in Hong Kong in July 1973.


Mainly Betty Ting's story. It opens with Betty telling her story to a bartender in flashbacks, then continues with her beginning when she was a lonely schoolgirl. She meets Bruce when he saves her from a beating one night and gives her some money. She then attempts to break into show biz and meets Bruce again: from there they become lovers until his sudden death......


Betty Ting Pei - Herself
Danny Lee - Bruce Lee (as Li Hsui-Hsien)
Chin-Ku Lu as Chao Yueh (as Lu Chun)
Unicorn Chan
Wong San - Lo Wei
Alexander Grand - Rensky
Han Jae Ji - Chi Han Kuang
Yasuaki Kurata - Sun
Sze-Ma Wah-Lung
Tony Liu
Hwang In-Shik
Mars (actor) - Little Boy
Mang Hoi - Hsiao-Hu
Tino Wong - Thug
Danny Chow - Thug
Steven Yuen - Stuntman on Movie Set
Corey Yuen - Bar Thug (uncredited)
Tom Chin - Bar Thug
Alan Chui - Bar Thug
Hsu Hsia - Thug
James Nam - Bartender (as Nan Kung-Hsun)
Fung Ging-Man
Jackie Chan (extra) (uncredited)
Bruce Lee - Martial Arts Expert (uncredited)

Behind the Scenes

Released in 1976, this film would later be the subject of dispute surrounding many of the facts about both Bruce Lee and his mistress, Betty Ting Pei. Many members of the Shaw Studios in Hong Kong and friends of Bruce Lee would later come forward to say that the film was inaccurate in its portrayal of Lee and Betty. Evidence would also appear saying that Lee was in different places rather than staying with Betty as the film stated. No real evidence came out of what Betty Ting Pei really did to Bruce Lee or if she really killed him (the coroner stated he died of brain swelling, which saw her acquitted of criminal wrongdoing) and no evidence appeared of threats against Betty for the death of Lee, though she was suspected by the fans. As for Betty Ting Pei herself, she never admitted she lied, but much evidence contests what she told in the film. Even shooting schedules contradict her saying she and Lee were together when in truth he was getting ready for action scenes on film. During the 1980s, she went public and denied killing Lee but said she was a friend to the famed star. This film is one of several Bruceploitation movies that came out attempting to cash in on the legend of the famous martial arts star. Many of those films would lose audience interest and integrity with film experts and historians over the years as the movies were dismissed as commercial flops or plain junk.

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