Chinese Kung Fu Stars

Chinese Kung Fu Stars

China boasts a number of Kung Fu stars who play an important part in many Chinese Kung Fu films and televisions for their outstanding performances. They exert their marvelous Kung Fu as well as excellent acting skill, without any stunt man. The most famous Kung Fu stars include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Man Cheuk Chiu, Ha Ling Chun, Jason Wu, Bruce Leung and Michelle Yeoh.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (李小龙), a great master of Chinese martial arts, is also a famous and influential action movie actor both at home and abroad. As the pathfinder of action movies, Bruce Lee disseminated Chinese Kung Fu to the whole world. Bruce Lee is the first Chinese who goes to Hollywood, pushing forward the development of martial arts and action movies.

Bruce Lee Movies: Fist Of Fury《精武门》, Enter the Dragon《龙争虎斗》, Fists of Glory《唐山大兄》, Game of Death《死亡游戏》, The Way of the Dragon《猛龙过江》

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