Crime Story(1993)

 Crime Story(1993)

Crime Story (重案组) is a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Kirk Wong, and starring Jackie Chan, Kent Cheng, Blackie Ko and Christine Ng.

Unlike nearly all other Jackie Chan films, which feature a combination of action and slapstick comedy, Crime Story is primarily a serious drama; while Chan's trademark stunts and martial arts skill is displayed in a few scenes, most of the film's action scenes revolve around firearms, with many people being shot and killed. Chan was allegedly uncomfortable with the dark tone, and had the film re-edited before release, causing a permanent rift between himself and director Wong. The film is a based on factual events surrounding of the 1990 kidnapping of Chinese businessman Teddy Wang.

PlotInspector Eddie Chan (Jackie Chan) of the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau, who is suffering from emotional stress after shooting several men in self-defense, is assigned to track down the kidnapped businessman Wong Yat-Fei (Law Kar-ying). The search takes him from Hong Kong to Taiwan, causing him to cross paths with some very powerful men in the Chinese underworld. What complicates matters is that one of the kidnappers is operating within the police force, determined to stop Chan from succeeding. The relentlessly driven Chan finds himself fighting his personal demons at the same time he battles the seemingly unending wave of crime in the city.


Jackie Chan – Inspector Eddie Chan
Kent Cheng – Detective Hung Ting-bong
Law Kar-ying – Wong Yat-fei
Puishan Au-yeung – Wong Yat-fei's wife
Blackie Ko – Captain Ko
Pan Lingling – Psychologist
Christine Ng – Lara
Chung Fat – Ng Kwok-wah
Ken Lo – Ng Kwok-yan
Wan Fat – Simon Ting
William Tuan – Superintendent Cheung
Wan Seung-lam – Yen Chi-sheng
Mars – Bank Robber (uncredited)
Chan Tat-kwong – Bank Robber (uncredited)
Johnny Cheung – Black Dog
Wong Chi-wai – Black Dragon (uncredited)
James Ha – Kidnapper / Ting-bong's Man
Yu Kwok-lok – Kidnapper
Wong Yiu – Kidnapper
Rocky Lai – Taiwanese Gangster / Restaurant Owner
Jameson Lam – Police at Construction Site
Leung Gam-san – Data Center Manager

Box office

This film grossed HK $27,457,147 at the Hong Kong box office, slightly lower than the average take for a Jackie Chan film at the time.

Awards and nominations

1993 Golden Horse Awards
Won: Best Actor (Jackie Chan)
1994 Hong Kong Film Awards
Won: Best Film Editing (Peter Cheung)
Nomination: Best Action Choreography (Jackie Chan)
Nomination: Best Actor (Jackie Chan)
Nomination: Best Director (Kirk Wong)
Nomination: Best Picture
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor (Kent Cheng)

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