'Devil and Angel' tops Christmas Eve box office

Five films have debuted in Chinese theaters on Christmas Eve, including comedy "Devil and Angel," action film "Mr. Six," and romance drama "Anniversary."
A composite of posters of "Devil and Angel" and "Mr. Six". [Photo/mtime.com]
"Devil and Angel" has topped the box office with more than 100 million yuan on its opening day.
The film's first day revenue is around three times that of "Mr. Six."
Despite its commercial success, "Devil and Angel" scored only 3.8 out of 10 on Chinese movie review site Douban.
In comparison, "Mr. Six" scored 8.7.
Earlier, lead actor Feng Xiaogang said the film's box office may not be satisfying in the first three days, but its reputation will push up the revenue.
As an award-winning director, Feng explained why he decided to play a lead role in the film.
"The character in the movie is called Mr. Six. Watching his words and actions, his life, destiny and situation, it was like watching an old friend of mine. Mr. Six will lead you to remember the past, remember the changes over times I've come across, remember many people and things, and there were many words I want to speak in my heart."
The film portrays a middle aged former kingpin who reigned over the Beijing streets for years.
The film follows the battle between him and a much younger drag-racing street gang leader.
The film also features original Beijing dialects, which may confuse some audiences with its expressions.
Industry insiders say it's still too early to predict the final result of the movies, for the weekend revenue plays a more crucial role.

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