Dragon Fist(1979)

 Dragon Fist(1979)

Dragon Fist(龙拳)is a 1979 Hong Kong action film diercted by Lo Wei. The star and stunt coordinator of the film is Jackie Chan.

Like Chan's Spiritual Kung Fu, Dragon Fist was filmed in 1978 but could not be released because the studio was running out of money. As a result, both Lo Wei productions only saw a release after Chan returned from his loan period with Seasonal Films, where he made Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master with director Yuen Woo-ping.

Unlike most of Chan's early films, Dragon Fist had a more serious tone, with little in the way of comedic moments.


Tang How-Yuen (Jackie Chan) is a disciple of kung fu master San-Thye. San-Thye wins a martial arts tournament, only to be killed by evil kung fu master, Chung Chien-Kuen (Yen Shi-Kwan). Tang tries unsuccessfully to fight Chung, and leaves the evil master unharmed. Tang, along with San-Thye's wife and daughter head after the killer to seek revenge. When they find him, Chung has repented and has cut off his own leg as penance. The master's widow becomes ill, so Tang goes to work for a gang in order to get her medicine. However, whilst in their employ, he is blamed for the death of a young boy, and San-Thye's widow is poisoned. Tang and the one-legged master join forces to defeat the evil lord who poisoned San-Thye's widow.


Jackie Chan - Tang How-Yuen
Hsu Hsia - Master King
Ou-Yang Sha Fei - Master King's wife
Nora Miao - Zhuang Meng Lan
Yen Shi-Kwan - Master Li
Pearl Lin (Lin Yin Zhu) - Zhong Qiu Ping
James Tien - Fang Gang
Eagle Han Ying - Nan Qing
Ko Keung - Master Wing
Chui Yuen - Wing's student
Wong Kwong Yue - Wing's assistant
Chui Fat - Wing's assistant
Peng Kang - Wing's student
Wang Yao - Wing's student

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