Dragon Lord(1982)

Dragon Lord(1982)

Dragon Lord(龙少爷)is a 1982 Hong Kong martial arts sports comedy film written, directed by and starring Jackie Chan as Dragon Ho. It was originally supposed to be a sequel to The Young Master and even had the name Young Master in Love until it was changed to Dragon Lord. The film experimented with various elaborate stunt action sequences in a period setting, serving as a transition between Chan's earlier comedy kung fu period films (such as Drunken Master and The Young Master) and his later stunt-oriented modern action films (such as Project A and Police Story).Dragon Lord also featured sports scenes incorporating martial arts stunts, later inspiring Shaolin Soccer.


Dragon (Jackie Chan) tries to send a love note to his girlfriend via a kite but the kite gets away and as he tries to get it back, he finds himself inside the headquarters of a gang of thieves who are planning to steal artifacts from China.

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