Emei Sect (峨眉派)

Emei Sect (峨眉派)

Originating during the pre-Qin dynasties, Emei Kungfu was invented by Situ Xuankong, a Kungfu master of that time. He imitated the movements of white monkeys in Emei Mountain and invented the White Monkey Sword and White Monkey Arm and Fist, earning him the nickname Master White Monkey. Emei Kungfu took shape in the Southern Song Dynasty with representatives including Buddhist Monk Baiyun (white cloud) and Taoist Baimei (white eyebrows).

During the reign of Emperor Jianyan of the Southern Song Dynasty, Buddhist Monk Baiyun invented Emei stake Kungfu by combining the principles of the yin and yang, and the rising and falling of human energy while staying within the bounds of Kungfu theory.

Another monk Master Deyuan in the Southern Song Dynasty was important in establishing Emei Kungfu as an independent sect. While living near Emei Mountain, he observed the monkeys and their movements. He eventually invented a set of monkey fists to use during Emei Kungfu. Since Monk Deyuan had white eyebrows, he was given the name Taoist Baimei (white eyebrows).

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