EyeHaunt Art Space

EyeHaunt Art Space

EyeHaunt Art Limited, a professional art institute aiming to support and to present to the public some of the nation's most gifted young artists in the field of painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation. EyeHaunt believes that ART speaks solely for its TIME. Younger generation of artists, with their less discriminated eyes, distinct sensibility of the rapidly-changing-world, unregulated and daring imaginations, are among the most expected candidates who shall bring us refreshing and haunting visual experiences that their previous generations shall not.

Younger Chinese born after 1975 are usually depicted as the beneficiaries of the booming economy of the country. Despite the superficial title of "Cartoon Generation" which leaves general public the impression of being spoilt or self-centered "kidults" who are less concern about their social responsibilities, EyeHaunt is committed to reveal the TRUE COLOR of an elite group of young artists who share the same anxiety, the same excitement, the same fears, the same urge, the same pressures, as their precedent and contemporaries. Other than the hip hop cartoons or plastic emotions, obviously, our young authors are trying to tell us more.

Add: A-706, Post Modern City, No.16 Baiziwan Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-8680 9908
Fax: 86-10-8776 6697

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