Full episodes of 'Legend of Miyue' leaked online

The production company of hit TV drama "Legend of Miyue" has issued a statement calling for people to stop spreading illegal downloads of the program.
Poster of "Legend of Miyue". [Photo: mtime.com]
The statement comes as reports suggest that full episodes of the drama have been leaked online.
TV producer Cao Ping says they have taken legal action to safeguard their interests.
"We have called the police and the case has been accepted. The police have begun investigating and found some clues. The police are verifying the clues. We will fight against such illegal behavior ruthlessly. We hope netizens and audiences do not spread related sources."
"Legend of Miyue" is a period drama set in the Warring States period between the 4th and 2nd centuries BC.
The drama follows Mi Yue, a princess from the State of Chu, whose son becomes the king of the State of Qin and Mi Yue becomes the first empress dowager in history.
The 81-episode drama stars Sun Li, Liu Tao, Gao Yunxiang and Jiang Xin.
The show is currently aired by Beijing TV and Oriental TV during prime time.
Viewers can also watch it through online platforms like LeTV and Tencent Video.

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