Gen-X Cops 2(2000)

Gen-X Cops 2(2000)

Jackie Chan Presents:Metal Mayhem,a.k.a.Gen-X Cops 2: Metal Mayhem and Gen-Y Cops, is a 2002 Sci Fi Pictures science fiction TV-movie sequel to Gen-X Cops a.k.a. Tejing Xinrenlei.


In Hong Kong, FBI agents Ian Curtis, Jane Quigley, Ross Tucker, and Quincy are protecting a group of American scientists introducing the RS 1 battlefield robot at an international exposition of military gear. A group of arms dealer led by disgruntled RS 1 designer Kurt, and abetted by the drugged and mesmerized Hong Kong police detective Edison, steal the lethal robot in order to terrorize the city. When Edison's colleagues Match and Allen try to rescue him, all three young "Gen-X" cops find themselves the target of the FBI.


Paul Rudd - Ian Curtis
Maggie Q - Jane Quigley
Mark Hicks - Ross Tucker
Ricardo Mamood - Quincy
Richard Sun - Kurt
Stephen Fung - Match
Sam Lee - Allen
Edison Chen - Edison

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