Half a Loaf of Kung Fu(1978)

Half a Loaf of Kung Fu(1978)

Half a Loaf of Kung Fu(一招半式闯江湖)is a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film starring Jackie Chan, who was also action choreographer and co-writer.The story takes place in olden day China. Chan plays a traveling acrobat named Jiang who bumbles his way into a job at the mansion. After breaking house rules and upsetting the evil witch living in the guest room, Jiang comes across two kung fu masters dueling in the woods. He manages to escape without notice, and brings along the dead loser of the duel. He collects the reward and goes in search of a kung fu teacher. After several teachers don't work out Chan inlists the teachings of a beggar who is a kung fu master. He then goes on a journey with the beautiful princess to find the special Jade plant. "Half a Loaf" is a light hearted comedy/action movie known in its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. The movie plays fun at melodramatic kung fu movies coming out of Hong Kong in the 70s. The movie opens with a bunch of short clips of near silent scenarios that show off Jackie's kung fu skills and tell all facial expressions and visual humor.


Jackie Chan
Chin Kang
Dean Shek
James Tien
Doris Lung
Kao Kuang
Wang Yao
Hoh Gong
Wu Ma (uncredited)
Yeung Lit
Woo Hon Cheung
Peng Kong


Chan plays a bumbling long haired acrobat named Jiang who really wants to practices kung fu. He finds an advertisement for work at the Mansion as a body guard. Jiang doesn't get the body guard position, but cons his way into a job using his kung fu skills, and gets himself into the middle of some shady business. He is told not to go near the "guest room" where the special guest is staying. A fellow employee tells Jiang that there is an evil witch who lives in the guest room and is not to be disturbed. Jiang of couse is caught spying on her and is run off the land. He then encounters two kung fu masters fighting in the woods. He watches one kill the other, and when he leaves Jiang takes the body into town to collect the reward. Using the money from the reward, Jiang tries to fulfill his kung fu dreams and find a master. He is suddenly attacked by the crazy witch and is about to lose until a mystery master shows up and beats her. The master turns out to be a bum, and teaches Jiang kung fu. He then goes on a journey with a princess to find the special jade plant.

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