Hapkido aka Lady Kung Fu (Chinese: 合氣道) is a 1972 Hong Kong film directed by Huang Feng, starring Angela Mao, Carter Wong and Sammo Hung. It was released by Golden Harvest.


It is 1934, in Japanese occupied Korea. Angela, Carter and Sammo are sitting and talking in a park when they are approached by a group of Japanese toughs. The leader of the Japanese begins to make unwelcome advances, and Angela tries her best to ignore him. Sammo loses his temper and a melee ensues. These three have just graduated, learning the art of Hapkido and they return to China in the hopes of setting up their own school, which they do. The Japanese, who consider it an inferior martial art, try to run them out of town with some traitorous Chinese, including Pai Ying. Angela, Carter and Sammo don’t want any trouble as it goes against the wishes of their master and his teachings. It’s Sammo who finally loses it after being insulted by some Japanese. This doesn’t go down well and Sammo becomes a wanted man, having to hide out while Angela and Carter try to reason with The Black Bear Gang without much luck. Finally the Japanese go too far and Angela, Carter and Sammo are forced to fight back with devastating results for the Japanese.


Angela Mao – Yu Ying
Carter Wong – Kao Chang
Sammo Hung – Fan Wei
Wong In Sik - Elder classmate
Ji Han Jae - Teacher Shih Kung-chan
Pai Ying - Chou Ba-tien
Nancy Sit - Hsiao Hsiu
Goro Kumon - Toyoda Yaguma
Ping-Ao Wei - Chang Pu-tse
Lan Sun - Sung Chung
Di Chin - Hsiao Lao-fu
Wei Yang - Traitor
Siu-Lung Leung - Hu Chia
Ka Ting Lee - Chief disciple


Billy Chan - Marketplace fighter
Ching-Ying Lam - Marketplace fighter
Jackie Chan - Black Bear student
Yuen Biao - Japanese martial arts student
Corey Yuen - Japanese martial arts student

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