Kunlun Sect (昆仑派)

 Kunlun Sect (昆仑派)

The Kunlun Sect originated in the Kunlun Mountain. It is an independent Kungfu sect. Allegedly, the Kunlun Sect was formed during the rule of Emperor Wuwang of the Zhou Dynasty. Later, the sect was divided into the eastern and western schools, both of which are Taoist.

In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the ancestor master of Kunlun Sect is Taoist Tieling. After Tieling, the sect was handed down in five important generations:

The Tang Dynasty: Three Taoists Sheng Tianyun (heavy cloud), Tianfeng (heavy wind) and Tianlei (heavy thunder), famous for Kunlun sword, Qianyuan Gong and Tiangang palm.

The Song Dynasty: Wang Long, who was also called Wang Zi, famous for the dragon sword of eight diagrams.

The Yuan Dynasty: Three Taoists Kunlun Shuanghe (double cranes), Xuanzhen and Xuanji, famous for Quanyuan Gong and jade dragon tiangang sword and palm.

The Ming Dynasty: Seven swords of Kunlun, namely the seven Taoists of Zi Yang, Zi Xia, Zi Ming, Zi Guang, Zi Wei, Zi Xing and Zi Yun, famous for Jade Dragon Tiangang Sword and Palm of Qianyuan Seven Stars.

The Qing Dynasty: Three Heroes of Kunlun, namely the three Taoists of Yi Xin, Zheng Xin and Hui Xin, famous for the Odd Dragon Sword of Qianyuan Seven Stars.

In 1947, Liu Yulong of Wanxian County of Sichuan Province met Liu Huiyuan, heir of the Kunlun Sect, at the county's national kungfu museum and studied Kunlun kungfu.

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