Leonardo DiCaprio brings 'The Revenant' to LA premiere

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy have joined director Alejandro Inarritu to bring their latest film "The Revenant" to Los Angeles.

However, the actors were so late that they arrived just in time for the screening.

The film was shown at the TCL Chinese Theatre where the new "Star Wars" movie premiered two days ago.

"The Revenant" is based on the real story of fur trapper Hugh Glass who was mauled by a bear and left for dead during an expedition in 1823.

The film follows Glass' struggle to survive brutal winter elements and seek vengeance on those who left him to die and who murdered his young son.

Inarritu says he was compelled to tell the story because so many of its elements are relevant to today's America.

"There's a lot of themes that are very resonant today: There's an exploration of revenge. There's a father-and-son relationship -- a son that is suffering from racial prejudice. There's a lot of endurance, resilience. And it's an adventure. There are spectacular, epic, action scenes, but at the same time a lot of emotional moments of intimate things that in the context of that country, this country was living 200 years ago, there are things that still resonate today, which, I think … how we haven't learned (anything)."

The director filmed the movie the hard way, shooting on location in real time and using natural light, which even led to some crewmembers quitting.

Earlier this month, "The Revenant" landed four nominations at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards, including Best Actor and Best Director.

The film will be screened in limited theatres in the US on Christmas Day.

Worldwide release will have to wait until January.

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