'Little Door Gods' releases final trailer and poster

Upcoming Chinese animation film 'Little Door Gods' has released final trailer and poster today.
A poster of upcoming Chinese animation film 'Little Door Gods'. [Photo/mtime.com]
In the trailer, the two door gods showed up in a modern Chinese town where traditions are vanishing, as they try to fight against the evil Monster Nian.
Meanwhile, the image of Monster Nian has finally been revealed in the trailer, interpreted through three forms - shadow, hurricane, and demon.
Inspired by Chinese folklore, the film tells the story of two guardian spirits who return to the human world to stir up some trouble and bring modern non-believers back to the old ways.
Director and editor of the film, Wang Wei, says what he wanted to find out through the film is the value of these gods in today's society.
The film also features the voices of Chinese celebrities including singer Gao Xiaosong and actor Bai Ke.
'Little Door Gods' plans to hit big screens in China on New Year's Day.

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