Little Tiger of Canton(1973)

 Little Tiger of Canton(1973)

Cub Tiger From Kwang Tung (simplified Chinese: 广东小老虎; traditional Chinese: 廣東小老虎; pinyin: Guǎngdōng xiǎo lǎohǔ) is a 1973 Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Chu Mu and starring Jackie Chan. Chan was 17 when the film was made in 1971, and it is considered to be his first starring role.


Ah Lung (Jackie Chan) has been secretly training in martial arts, as his father (Tien Feng) has forbidden him. Later, some local store owners ask Ah to help protect them from a greedy Chinese extortion ring. Ah discovers that the crime lord behind the extortion had killed his father years before and is determined for revenge.


Jackie Chan Ah Lung / Jackie (as Chan Yuan Lung)

Chan Hung Lit Chow Bin

Tien Feng Lung's Foster Father

Yuen Biao Pickpocket (as Bill Yuen)

Chun Chin Uncle Xia

Chi Ming Wong cameo

Mars (as Fo Sing)

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