Magnificent Bodyguards(1978)

Magnificent Bodyguards(1978)

Magnificent Bodyguards (飞渡卷云山) is a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts-action film, starring Jackie Chan and directed by Lo Wei. Chan, along with Luk Chuen also worked as stunt co-ordinators. This film was well received in Hong Kong, but Chan himself doesn't like it. He puts it down to Lo Wei not giving him any creative freedom. This was the first film in Hong Kong to be filmed using 3-D technology, and features music from Star Wars.


The story starts with Lord Ting Chung (Chan) getting hired to escort a women's sick brother to the doctor, but he does it for free. To get there they must pass through "Stormy Hills", an area of Ancient China controlled by criminals. Then the sick man turns out to be the king of the criminals and is not really sick, he is just trying to reclaim his throne from an imposter. The king had previously murdered Ting Chung's father and now Ting Chung has to fight for his life to get out and also to avenge his father.


Jackie Chan - Lord Ting Chung
James Tien - Tsang / Chang Wu-Yi
Bruce Leung - Chang (as Bruce Liang)
Lau Ming - Old Lady of Ma Por Inn
Lee Man-Tai - Bearded Shaolin Abbot
Fang Fang - Liu Chin Lien
Ko Keung - Wen Liang Yu
Mau Ging-Shun - (uncredited)

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