'Mr. Six' opens in China

Director Guan Hu's action film 'Mr. Six', also known as 'Lao Paoer' in Chinese, has hit the big screens in China today.
A poster of film 'Mr. Six'.[Photo/mtime.com]
Starring renowned director Feng Xiaogang, pop idols Wu Yifan and Li Yifeng, and famous actress Xu Qing, the film has attracted a lot of attention since it started shooting.
According to the statistics released by Mtime.com, the real-time box office of 'Mr. Six' had surpassed 30 million yuan by 10 am Beijing time.
This figure is estimated to boost to around 70 million yuan by the end of today.
Regarded as a modern tale of Mr Six, the film portrays a middle aged former kingpin who reigned over the Beijing streets for years.
As he lives in a world that is bound to be destroyed by modernity, the film portrays the battle between him and a much younger drag-racing street gang leader.
Director Feng Xiaogang has been crowned the best actor for the first time at this year's Golden Horse Award, with his performance in the film as the title character.

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