New Age Gallery

New Age Gallery

New Age Gallery New Age Gallery was founded under Bolin Culture Business in Taiwan in 1984. In 1989, Bolin Art Center was subsequently established. In 2001, "New Age Art Business Company" was set up, a complex and multifunctional art business entity subdivided into Department of Exhibition Planning, Department of Art Investment, Department of Art Brokerage and Department of Art Publication.

Taiwan New Age Gallery has focused on promoting contemporary oil paintings of overseas Chinese artists such as Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh-Chun, John L. Way, Chang Yu, Zhao Chunxiang, etc. as well as the first Chinese oil painters, including Lin Fengmian, Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu, Wang Yachen, Wu Zuoren, Chang Shuhong, Chen Baoyi, Qian Ding, etc. In recent years, New Age Gallery has been devoted to introducing promising Chinese contemporary artists of the young generation, holding exhibitions on a regular basis and giving themed exhibitions annually. Besides, its foresight is reflected through frequent exchange with galleries in Asia, Europe and other areas for cooperative projects with various domestic and international artistic institutions. Many artists, art institutions, international auction companies and collectors are attracted by New Age Gallery's abundant experience, professional knowledge and excellent services, which all serves to rate it a famous gallery in the art circle in Taiwan.

Beijing New Age Gallery was opened in April 2007 with the aim to discover and bring to the public young contemporary Chinese artists and promote exchange and dialogue between new artists from different cultures. In the future it will introduce more and more young Chinese artists, strengthen and expand the links between Chinese contemporary art and that of other nations and open up opportunities for young artists so as to facilitate the development of Chinese contemporary art.

Since its foundation, Beijing New Age Gallery has held a series of exhibitions, group and solo, for the artists (born after 1970s), through which many young talents in Chinese contemporary art have been introduced, such as Guan Yong, Li Hui, Jia Gang, Zhang Yongzheng, to list only a few; moreover, it has collaborated with some art institutions in Europe, America, Korea and Southeast Asia in several exchange exhibitions to present contemporary art in different cultures. In 2007 and 2008, the gallery sent some important works of several young artists to participate in China International Gallery Exposition. The gallery plans to take part in important expositions in various forms and to hold exhibitions in Asia, Europe and America for the young Chinese contemporary artists.

With over twenty years of experience, professional knowledge, broad networks and a good reputation, New Age has committed itself to providing a perfect exchange platform for artists, art institutions, art lovers, collectors and the like and promoting contemporary art both in China and board. It is looking forward to meeting more talents in art for exchange and holding talks with art in other areas in the world, leading therefore art into a new era.

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