New Fist of Fury(1976)

New Fist of Fury(1976)

New Fist of Fury is a 1976 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Lo Wei and starring Jackie Chan. It is the first of several films that Lo directed Chan in, and the first using Chan's stage name Sing Lung (literally meaning "becoming a dragon", by which Chan is still known today in Asia). The film gave Chan his first starring role in a widely released film (his first starring role was in the Little Tiger of Canton which only had a limited release in 1973). The film was a sequel to Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury, one of Lo Wei's biggest successes. New Fist of Fury was part of Lo's attempt to market Jackie Chan as the new Bruce Lee and did not contain any of the comedy elements that were to be Chan's career trademark later on.


Jackie Chan as Ah Loong
Nora Miao as Mao Li Er / Miss Lee
Chan Sing as Okimura
Luk Yat-lung as Lon Si Chun
Yim Chung as Master Su, Mao's grandfather
Suen Lam as Taiwan police captain Lin
Cheng Siu-siu as Okimura's daughter
Lau Ming as Ah Lung's mother
Hon Siu as Ho Chin
Han Ying-chieh as Hung
Lo Wei as Inspector
Chiang Kam as Sampo
Liu Ping as Lin Chin Kui
Yip Hoi-ching as Okimura's student
Weng Hsiao-hu as Okimura's student
Suen San-cheung as Japanese
Hau Pak-wai as assassin
Wang Chiang-liang as assassin
Ho Wai-hung as assassin
Tsang Ming-cheong as Kui's thug
Chan Sam-lam as Kui's thug
Shih Ting-ken as Kui's thug
Lam Chung as Kui's thug
Tai Chi-hsien as Kui's thug
So Kwok-leung as Kui's thug
Ho Ming-hiu as Kui's thug
Wong Wing-sang as student
Lee Lung-yam as student
Yip Fei-yang as Jingwu student
Ching Kuo-chung as Chun's student
Ngai Loi as Japanese officer
Chan Jan as Okimura's bodyguard
Lee Siu-ming as Okimura's bodyguard
Cheung Chung-kwai
Ko Chang-sheng
Wong Chi-sang
Wong Kwok-fai
Lui Wan-biu


A brother and sister escape from Japanese-occupied Shanghai to Japanese-occupied Taiwan, to stay with their grandfather who runs a Kung-Fu school there. However, the master of a Japanese Kung- Fu school in Taiwan has designs on bringing all other schools on the island under his domination, and part of his plan involves the murder of the siblings' grandfather. Undaunted, the brother and sister reestablish their grandfather's school, leading to a final confrontation with the Japanese Kung Fu master. Jackie Chan plays a young thief who at first does not want to learn Kung-Fu, but finally realizes that he can no longer stand by and let the Japanese trample the rights of the Chinese people. He proves extremely adept at the martial arts, and carries the fight to its final conclusion.

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