Once a Cop(1993)

 Once a Cop(1993)

Once a Cop (超级计划) is a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Stanley Tong and starring Michelle Yeoh. It is a spin-off of Jackie Chan's Police Story film series involving the character Yeoh portrayed in Police Story 3: Super Cop.

The film is also known as Project S in original territories and many other titles, including Police Story IV (inaccurately), Police Story 3 Part 2, Supercop (UK) and Supercop 2 (US). It is confirmed Dragon Dynasty will re-release the movie as Supercop 2 after they re-release the first Supercop in January.

Although Jackie Chan only has a cameo appearance in this film, some DVD covers prominently featured Chan, misleading audience to think that he was one of the main characters.


Michelle Yeoh as Interpol Inspector Jessica Yang Jian Wa / Jessica Yang Cien Hua
Yu Rongguang as David Chang Fung (as Yu Rong Guang)
Emil Chau as Inspector Martin Lee Kwong Ming
Athena Chu as Annie May Lee
Louis Fan as Alan Wong Kuo Shao Long (as Fan Sui Wong)
Jackie Chan as Inspector "Kevin" Chan Ka-Kui
Bill Tung as "Uncle" Bill Wong
Eric Tsang as Jewel Robbing Leader
Dick Wei as Ah Shuen / Chuen
Bowie Lam as George Ho Chu
Alain Guernier as Roger Davidson
Joe Cheung as Jewelry shop manager / Fung's Man in Hospital (2 roles)
Chan Mei Kei as Bank manager
Yukari Oshima as Red Terrorist at the Beginning (as Oshima Yukari)
Mars as Jewelry Store Customer (as Fo Sing)
Alien Sit as Po (as Sit Chun Wai)
Sam Wong as Chun
Bruce Law as Ping (as Li Xian Luo)
Jon M. Chu

Box office

In Hong Kong, the film only managed to gross HKD$9,337,853(as of 8 November 1993). The film was released to the US nearly three years later and it managed to gross US$16,270,600.

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