'Point Break,' 'Surprise' share chart honors

Action adventure movie "Point Break" topped the weekly box office chart in China, which is now in a new 'blackout' period, as big studio offerings traditional make way for local movies.

Chinese period comedy "Surprise" was the big winner at the weekend.

"Point Break," in its second week, earned 18.8 million US dollars, according to data from Ent Group. It extended its cumulative score to 30.7 million US dollars after 10 days.

"Surprise" stormed the charts, while still technically in preview. Its official release date is Dec. 18, but it was already in a vast number of theaters from Saturday and topped the chart over the weekend.

"The Martian" slipped from first, but continued to do good business in third place. It added 12.5 million dollars, for a cumulative total of 87.9 million dollars after 19 days.

Local titles "Fall In Love Like A Star" and "Impossible" continued in their second weeks, taking fourth and fifth place, with scores of 7.35 million dollars and 6.72 million dollars respectively.

New release, "The Master" took 4.85 million US dollars in four days, for a 5.03 million dollar total including previews.

"Our Times" added 3.90 million US dollars in its fourth week, extending its cumulative total to 55.3 million dollars after 25 days.

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