Polish court rejects Polanski's extradition to US

Poland's Krakow District Court on Friday decided that extraditing of movie director Roman Polanski to the United States is "unacceptable" and "unlawful deprivation of one's freedom."

The court's decision is legally invalid and the prosecutors can now appeal the ruling.

The prosecutors argued that Polanski should be deported to the U.S., because the crime he committed -- although lapsed in Poland -- has not been lapsed in the U.S.. Moreover, the penalty for the case will not be capital punishment.

Polanski was not present in the court on Friday where he was represented by two attorneys. Instead, Polanski was allegedly seen on the private jet taking off from Krakow to Paris half an hour before the court decision was announced.

The U.S. requested the extradition of Roman Polanski in the early 2015, when the director was present at the opening of the Museum of History of Polish Jews in Poland. The world-famous director of Polish descendence escaped from the U.S. after he was accused of sexual intercourse with an underage in 1977. According to American law, such crime cannot be lapsed. Since 1978, Polanski has been living in France.

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