Qingcheng Sect (青城派)

The Qingcheng sect was named after Qingcheng Mountain in west Sichuan Province. Qingcheng was the sacred place of Taoism, and kungfu was mainly practiced by Taoist followers. Meanwhile, Kungfu was also popular among common people there. The works of the Qingcheng sect include the Secret Records of Qingcheng and Powerful Finger of Great Taoism. Combining the advantages of the yin and yang to emphasize improving oneself both physically and mentally, in the south and the north, the Qingcheng sect emphasized an "invisible" main body, simple extensions and stable attack. Since this type of Kungfu was taught secretly, there were few people who understand it in its full potential. While practicing Kungfu, Qingcheng sect stress on "invisibility" and followers must understand the essence of Kungfu from "invisibility."

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