Taylor Swift concert movie to stream on Apple Music

Taylor Swift is moving her mega-successful "1989" tour online just two days after she concluded the tour in Melbourne on Friday night.

Apple Music has announced that it will stream Swift's world tour exclusively on its streaming service beginning December 20th.

Swift made an introduction to the tour in a trailer released for the upcoming concert movie.

"Getting ready for this I wondered about a lot of things. I wondered what it would be like to perform for 70,000 people. I wondered what would happen if I invited the most amazing artists in the world to come out with me and perform on my stage -- would they do it? This is the 1989 world tour."

"The 1989 World Tour LIVE Concert Film" was directed by Jonas Akerlund, including the entire concert at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia on November 28th.

The film will also feature backstage and rehearsal scenes and special guests who appeared on stage with Swift.

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