The Awaken Punch(1973)

 The Awaken Punch(1973)

The Awaken Punch is a 1973 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Fong Lung-Seung. The film is as an early example of Yuen Wo Ping's fight choreography and features Jackie Chan as an extra.


Chan Sing plays a young man, Cheung Da Gong, who travels from place to place earning a living as a fighter. He fights at times on a stage before spectators, as a hired body guard and altruistically to protect shopkeepers from thugs looking to collect protection money.

One day Cheung receives a letter which prompts him to return home where his elderly father is sick and dying. At his father's death bed Cheung vows at his father's behest to stay and work his family's farm and to give up fighting.

Local gangsters try to buy Cheung's land and when Cheung refuses attempt to intimidate him first through threats and then by burning down his house, killing Cheung's sister and mother in the process.

Cheung motivated by revenge hunts down the gangsters eventually tracking down their leader and killing him. The movie ends with Cheung submitting to the local authorities when he is arrested on charges of murder with the local deputy admonishing him, "You should have left retribution to the law."

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