Top 10 Chinese Kung Fu movies

No.1 The Way of the Dragon 《猛龙过江》

Bruce Lee acts the leading role in the Way of the Dragon, showing his incredible and excellent Chinese Kung Fu to the world. It was the first time that Bruce Lee showed his particular nunchaku to people at home and abroad. From then on, an increasing number of foreigners were eager for learning miraculous Chinese Kung Fu.


No. 2 Fist of Legend《精武英雄》

In Fist of Legend, Jet Lee fierce fully and delightfully showed the fierceness and physical strength of Kung Fu instead of showy and unpractical actions.

No. 3 Iron Monkey《铁马骝》

Iron Monkey has been reputed as an obbligato movie in the series of action movies. The leading man Donnie Yen therefore became famous in Hollywood. His Shadow Kick impressed audiences a lot and...

No. 4 Shaolin Temple《少林寺》

The movie Shaolin Temple has become a memory of childhood for one generation. It was a legend of that era, being the first movie created by Hong Kong film industry and Chinese martial arts field.

No. 5 Jet Li's Fearless《霍元甲》

In Jet Li's Fearless, all the action scenes are presented on a ring for martial contests. Various characteristic action scenes can be acclaimed as the peak of perfection.

No. 6 S.P.L.《杀破狼》

S.P.L. is celebrated as the signal of Kung Fu movies’ reappearing glory. The leading actors are Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung. The movie was very impressive with the tone of cold and tyranny.

No. 7 Martial Arts of Shaolin《南北少林》

Martial Arts of Shaolin was made 4 years after Shaolin Temple, and it featured the same action style with that of Shaolin Temple. Audiences can enjoy the grand northern and southern Kung Fu,...

No. 8 Tiger Cage II《洗黑钱》

Tiger Cage II is the first action movie that Donnie Yen acts as the action director. The actions break the set pattern of traditional Kung Fu movies, integrating modern elements.

No. 9 Drunken Fist《醉拳》

Drunken Fist, one of Jackie Chan’s classical action movies, fully demonstrates Chinese martial arts. His quick acting and the movement of his body coordinates well.

No. 10 Mad Monkey kung fu《疯猴》

Mad Monkey kung fu used to be the most popular Hieroglyphic kung fu of 1970s. The leading actor Lau Ka Ryong has profound martial art skills. Meanwhile, the physical actions and facial expression...

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