Will Smith talks on his role in 'Concussion'

The new Will Smith film 'Concussion' is ready to hit big screens in the US, a biographical sports thriller portraying the forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu.
A poster of the new Will Smith film 'Concussion'. [Photo/mtime.com]
Set in 2005, the film depicts the doctor's battle against the National Football League, by uncovering the truth about brain damage suffered by professional football players.
Smith says, the script enlightened him about the dangerous effects of multiple concussions.
"I wasn't familiar at all, which was a big part of why I was impelled to be a part of it. My son played football for four years and I had no idea that this was an issue. So, when I met Bennet and we sat down, you know, went through the science of it. I was terrified as a parent. You know, so I felt that I wanted to be a part of it just to deliver the information to parents and to players. Because I knew, if I didn't know, I knew a lot of other people didn't know."
The 47-year-old actor also admitted that - apart from studying what Omalu had researched for years - mastering the Nigerian doctor's accent was another massive challenge for him.
'Concussion' will hit the big screens in the US on Friday.

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