Winners and Sinners(1983)

 Winners and Sinners(1983)

Winners and Sinners ( 奇谋妙計五福星), is a 1983 Hong Kong martial arts action crime comedy film written and directed by Sammo Hung, and starring Hung, Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao. It was the first in the Lucky Stars series of films a highly successful series in Hong Kong.

The film co-stars Jackie Chan in a significant role as an error-prone police officer. It also features a cameo appearance from Yuen Biao as another police officer who gets into a fight with Chan's character.

The film is a semi-prequel to My Lucky Stars and Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars, insofar as the "Five Lucky Stars" concept and many of the same actors return in those latter films. However, the character names and indeed their roles differ - Stanley Fung's character is the nominal "leader" of the quintet in Winners and Sinners, whereas Sammo Hung's character takes the mantle in the latter films.


Sammo Hung got the idea for the film from an old TV show, in which a group of police officers from different backgrounds worked together, each displaying their own particular skills. By giving the characters humorous and disparate backgrounds, he hoped to make an entertaining film.

The film's Chinese title, Five Lucky Stars was chosen as it was evocative of the Seven Little Fortunes (aka "The Lucky Seven"). The Seven Little Fortunes was the name of the performance troupe that included Hung, Chan and Yuen, whilst they attended the Peking Opera School, The China Drama Academy, as children.

Mika used the hook from the closing titles song as the chorus tune to his smash hit Lollipop without acknowledging the authors.


The film begins with Teapot (Sammo Hung), attempting to rob the dormant homes of a wealthy neighborhood in Hong Kong. When attempting to rob one particular house, he is briefly mistaken for the guest of honor at a surprise birthday party, and is subsequently handed over to the police. The following day, four other petty criminals are apprehended - unruly civil rights leader Curly (John Shum), car washer Exhaust Pipe (Richard Ng) who steals vehicle parts, well-dressed thief Vaseline (Charlie Chin) who swindles jewelry shops' most expensive watches, and Rookie (Stanley Fung), a mysterious, and rude, stranger. The quintet unite in prison and promise to make their fortune together in every possible way upon their release. Rookie is the gang's leader, whilst Teapot is bullied by the others (in the later films, Roundhead, played by Eric Tsang, is the group's victim and Hung's character is the leader). Following their release, they team up with Curly's beautiful sister, Shirley (Cherie Chung), and form a cleaning company.

A sixth convict, the wealthy Jack Tar (James Tien) is released on the same day. Upon his release, he returns to his mansion, his fleet of expensive vehicles and his dozens of bodyguards. Tar commences work on his next criminal project, trading counterfeit US and Hong Kong currency with another crime boss. When the deal takes place, a brave but careless cop CID 07 (Jackie Chan) attempts to recover the briefcase containing the phony money, but the case somehow ends up in the Five Stars Cleaning Co. van. While none of the workers realize this misfortune, Tar certainly does. Later, Teapot and his friends decide to attend Tar's high-class party, hoping to expand their business with the wealthy guests. Unluckily Tar recognizes Curly instantly, and interrogates him. A battle ensues, where Teapot's kung fu skills are heavily relied on. Finally, another Triad gang, led by Tar's rival, wants the printing plates as well. A climatic fight takes place at a warehouse, where both Tar and his rival, along with their goons, are finally defeated. At the end, Teapot receives a reward and marries Shirley.

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