Cheetah on Fire

Cheetah on Fire

1993 (Lead)

In this contemporary actioner Yen plays Ronald, a Chinese American CIA operative brought in when others lose the arms dealer they’ve been assigned to escort
to the US; however, the criminal escapes and with a concealed high-security computer chip, intent on selling it to Third World parties. Not only are the cops
after the escapee, but so are his gang, Hong Kong Crime Bureau agents, and Mainland police. Ronald is reunited with his ex-wife and partner Peggy (Cheung
Man) and must cooperate with her and the others too. He’s the ‘cheetah on fire’ of the English title, an expert marksman and fighter, but also a hotheaded
and impulsive guy whose methods don’t go by the book. ‘Just sue me,’ he tells a suspect while beating information out of him, ‘I’ll kill you before you
can sue me.’ The gang reclaims the chip and the team follows them to Thailand, also discovering that one of their own has betrayed them.

The final fifteen minutes of the movie in and of themselves will appeal to action fans. When the scene shifts to Thailand’s mountains and forests, the kung
fu is fast and furious, along with the tons of gunfire, grenades, and flying bodies. There’s a water attack as the team makes their way in, and guerillas
surface from underwater or drop from the trees; Yen and Ken Lo go hand-to-hand and kick it out in the forest; and, the Thai army marches on the gangsters’
village with firepower galore. Michael Woods’ words to his cohorts, ‘What the fuck are you guys doing? Get ready to kill!’ says it all. Woods and John
Salvitti are the bad guys who take on the Thai army while Ronald fights with the gang villain Long Hair, Yen executing an eye-catching jumping split kick and
delivering the final blow by sending him through a wall. Woods looks like a bad-ass Rambo, and his multiple rounds are returned in kind as the army barrages
him with bullets, just like the Texas Rangers do in to the couple in Bonnie and Clyde. His body bounces in a jerky dance as blood splatters the camera lens,
but he’s not dead yet. Before he gives up the ghost, he attacks Yen, setting off a charge beneath them. Yen lives momentarily to make sure no one gets the
chip and to express his undying love for Peggy.

Director: Tsui Fat
Cast: Donnie Yen, Carrie Ng Ka-lai, Cheung Man, Eddie Kwan, Shing Fui-on, Ken Lo Wai-kwong, Michael Woods and John Salvitti.

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